ECU Girls’ and Women‘s Chess Weekend
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Poster for European Chess Weekend. Visible is a big queen (chess piece) on dark background with a slogan in big letters “European Girls’ and Women’s Chess Weekend“

The weekend is open to female chess players of all levels and consists of a wide range of events including tournaments, coaching sessions and simultaneous exhibitions with some of Europe’s strongest players. Different skill levels in tournaments and coaching sessions will thereby allow everyone to find the event that suits their level of chess.

Additionally, learn from some of Europe’s most successful female women what it is like to be a top class arbiter, how and when to eat to perform best at chess or what top tips titled players have about time management to combine chess, career and family.

Official Events

All times are Central European Summer Time (CEST)


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To ensure only female players participate in the tournaments, all tournaments are password protected. Passwords have been shared with all participating federations. Please contact your national federation to get the password. Alternatively, please send an email with your name, date of birth and home country/town to

Tournament for beginners

Date Link
14.05. 16:30
15.05. 11:30
15.05. 17:30
16.05. 11:00


Rating under 1300

Tournament for everyone with a lichess rating under 1300

Date Link
14.05. 17:00
15.05. 12:00
15.05. 18:00
16.05. 11:30

rating under 1800

Tournament for everyone with a lichess rating under 1800

Date Link
14.05. 17:00
15.05. 12:00
15.05. 18:00
16.05. 11:30


Tournament for everyone without rating restriction

Date Link
14.05. 17:00
15.05. 12:00
15.05. 18:00
16.05. 11:30


The best players from the qualifiers can participate in the finals. Please make sure that you allow personal messages on so that we can send you the information for the finals. Live commentary by WFM Denise Trippold and WFM Nikola Mayrhuber.

Every girl and woman who is not qualified for the finals can participate in the open tournament under

Please send a join request to the final teams, in case you are qualified:

Team Battle

An international girls’ and women’s team battle will take place on 16.05. 18:00 CEST. Please participate with your federation. Link: There will be live commentary of the event by WGM Petra Papp and WIM Jana Schneider. Please contact if your federation wants to be part of the battle.

Simultaneous Exhibition

Date Opponent
15.05. 13:30 Simultaneous exhibition against WGM Laura Unuk. live commentary by WIM Lara Janzelj & WIM Teja Vidic
15.05. 16:30 Simultaneous exhibition against WFM Denise Trippold, live commentary WFM Nikola Mayrhuber
16.05. 10:00 Simultaneous exhibition against WGM Petra Papp, live commentary WIM Inna Agrest
16.05. 14:00 Simultaneous exhibition against GM Marie Sebag, live commentary WGM Katarzyna Toma

Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions that are open to everyone and do not require sign up. Sessions will take place over twitch or zoom. Participants can join the sessions using the links below.

Beginners Coaching Session

Coaching session for everyone with a lichess rating under 1300

Date Info
15.05. 10:00 Introduction into chess – complete beginners session with WIM Andreea Navrotescu
15.05. 15:00 „Golden Rules for Improving your game“ with WGM Petra Papp
16.05. 12:30 Beginners Coaching with WFM Anna Endress

Intermediate Coaching Session

Coaching session for everyone with a lichess rating under 1800

Date Info
15.05. 15:00 „The Instructive Games of Women World Champions“ with WIM Jana Schneider
16.05. 12:30 „Attacking the king“ with GM Marie Sebag

Advanced Coaching Session

Coaching session for everyone with a lichess rating over 1800

Date Info
15.05. 15:00 „Positional Chess Masterpieces“ with WIM Andreea Navrotescu
16.05. 12:30 „The Queens Gambit“ – WIM Lara Janzelj & WIM Teja Vidic

Small Group Coaching Sessions

Small group coaching sessions take place on 16.05. at 16:30 CEST. Beginners coaching with FM Akshaya Kalaiyalahan, intermediate coaching with WGM Josefine Heinemann & WGM Ticia Gara, Advanced coaching with WGM Petra Papp & IM Elisabeth Pähtz. Places for these small group coaching sessions are distributed through federations and can be won at prizes during the the individual tournaments!

Workshops and Debates

No sign-ups required, just join the session using the link.

Date Topic
14.05. 19:30 Opening event with special guest Tatia Skhirtladze, director of the documentary Glory to the Queen. The documentary follows four legendary female chess players from Georgia, who revolutionized women’s chess across the globe and became Soviet icons of female emancipation.
15.05. 13:00 Workshop: Eat and Win – What to eat and when to eat to perform at your best. Miriam Moerwald & IM Harald Schneider-Zinner
15.05. 15:00 Presentation: Time Management: The endless chess struggle. WGM Regina Theissl-Pokorná
15.05. 17:00 Workshop: My daughter wants to play chess Aylin Albayrak and her daughter Nese
15.05. 19:00 Workshop: How to start streaming. WIM Andreea Navrotescu
16.05. 11.30 Round Table: How to publicly present and report about womens chess. IM Stefan Löffler & Alice O’Gorman
16.05. 14:00 Round Table: Do we need more female arbiters? Anemone Kulczak, Sandra Schmidt
16.05. 16:30 Workshop: Working with a Women’s National Team. IM Harald Schneider-Zinner


  • Anreise am ersten Tag bis 16.30 Uhr
  • Abreise am letzten Tag ab 19.30 Uhr


Der Veranstaltungstermin liegt in der Vergangenheit, es ist keine Anmeldung mehr möglich.

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