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19/11/08 - Singing, Frauenkirche, Chess Olympiad - A long day

It is wednesday and we are in Dresden for the Chess Olympiad. Today Saxons have their special celebration "Buß- und Bettag", so our "Jugendcamp" could at last enjoy some sleep and wake up at 8.30 in order to eat breakfast and meet afterwards in the sky-lounge. A room full of games and of course chesstables.

We always gather there so as to make the plan of the day and discuss with each other. But this day we did not only express ourselves by talking but also by singing! Yes singing! We gathered in groups of four or five people and sang songs we had ourselves written. Songs about Dresden, songs about our new friendships, songs about chess and culture bonding people. And by the way... it was a performance in front of the camera!

It was after a while when we at last worn our warm coats and went for lunch in the City Hall. We enjoyed our Italian pasta and the wonderful desert and split into two groups this time. The first one would go to the sportclub so as to play soccer, basketball or even volleyball. On the other hand, the second team decided to visit the Congress Centre and enjoy the whole ceremony of the Olympiad from the beginning. People from all over the world would sell their products, or just take some pictures or video and among them well-known chessplayers would prepare for the match. 

At dinner we were all savour our Spanish food taking fotos of each other and laugh! We even met Fide's honour president and talk with him!

But then there would come the moment when we had to head out into the cold and endure the harsh German winter. But it was certainly worth it! We visited the most beautiful church in Dresden, a luxurious, monumental building and listened to the melodious sounds of the magnificent concert. Even people who were not catholic would visit it and leave with the best impressions.

Right now it is 12.00 p.m. and we are already in our warm hotel. All members are exhausted and frozen by the cold wind but satisfied with themselves and overwhelmed by their new experiences.

Menexenia Tsarouha (GRE)