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16/11/2008 - Report of the first day

After all participants have successfully arrived at Saturday we met all together at the breakfast in our hotel on Sunday morning. There we told all of our participants the program for the whole day. After we picked up a lot of energy we met at 10 am. At the hotel lobby A&O we started our boattrip. Since we got free tickets for all trams and buses in Dresden it was easy and fast to arrive at our boat. On the way we saw a lot of the city centre and we took some funny pictures.

Finally we arrived on the boat where we met our boat-trip-guide. It was a very friendly woman who explained us a lot about the buildings near the Elbe. We saw a lot of unbelievable beautiful castles, impressive buildings and great nature. The participants laughed, talked and played cards with each other. So, I think, we have a very friendly and funny group in here.

After around three hours we came back to Dresden and have taken our lunch. Because the time was a little bit short we had to "speed-eat". After we all took a bit strength at the lunch we divided our big group into four teams to go to our workshops.

Workshop one named "Tear down this wall, Mr. Gorbatschow" by Eike and Jörg and took place in our room in the city hall. The content was about the reunification of Germany.

The second workshop "German cooking" by Paddy took place in the kitchen of the sport high school in Dresden. The 12 participants had a lot of fun with cooking original German "Bratkartoffeln" and of course they eat them.

At the sport gym of this school the 3rd workshop "International Sports" by Caïssa and Christian was placed. 15 participants played in around 1,5 hours various sports of the different  countries.

The 4th and last workshop which the teamers offered to the participants was called "Movie making" by Sonja and Jonas. This was probably the creative workshop. The boys and girls here had to take a funny movie of and around the Chess Olympiad or the beautiful city Dresden or whatever they want. For example they visited all the other workshops and walked through the city. This workshop has to be continued because the film isn't ready yet.

After all everyone had a lot of fun at one of the four workshops we met us all together at the city hall where we had our very tasty dinner. The evening was optional to the participants. Around 2/3 wanted to visit the musical "Chess" in the "Staatsoperette". The rest of us went to our hotel to relax or they visited the city center again. In the late evening our musicalgroup arrived at our hotel, too. The musical was just amazing and an unforgetable event for all the boys and girls who watched it. Finally we all got a bit freetime to talk with the others about the next day or just to relax at the hotel. 

Christian Schneider (GER)