21/11/08 - Last day tournament

The last day of the International Youth Camp 2008 in Dresden. Today we have exchanged our email-adresses but also we took more pictures of eatch other. So we can remember of this funny week and of all the other young people. But also that you can think about a week or half month which was very amazing and beautiful.

Today's day activity was a tournament in chess on four boards. The desciplines were Blitz, Bughouse and Suicide-Chess. In this tournament we were divided into ten teams whose players had to fight in every of those kinds of chess. We played nine rounds, the winning time was honored on the last night party.

After lunch sixteen of us decided to take part in a new blitz tournament which we also played in the Congress Centre in neighborhood to the "real" Olympiad.

Tyler Hughes from the USA won this tournament after having won against Michael de Verdier from Sweden. After the tournament we had freetime until the evening.

Most of us used the time for going shopping. The most interesting thing to bring home was german chocolate and other products.

Now when we have not so many hours together I think all of us want to come home and sleep because the nights were still long :) But also we had a week with nice group leaders and all this amazing persons we met during this fantastic week!

So come on Russia and make this camp to a tradition!

Johan Borre (SWE)